Opportunities for learning and mentoring


Mentoring program

We are working on a mentoring program to help HCD designers get the support they need to have the career they want.


What you get


> Connections to the community

> Ongoing discussions

> 1:1 advice 

> FUN!!!!!

> Access to experienced mentors

> Monthly mentor workshops

> Portfolio project opportunities

> Advice and information


Training programs designed to keep people on the job and delivering.

We have literally trained and mentored 1000s of people across the globe. We can bring in house training and mentorship for your team.

Training for businesses


Whether you have a UX or team or want to create one, leadership is the key to high performing team. 


But we know it's not always easy to hire UX leadership in your organise. Our plug and play training work with your team, on your projects, delivering results.

Training for individuals


We run courses for individual to help them upskill. These aren't intro courses but specially design courses by our leading mentors aimed at giving you the tools you need to be that professional you want to be.


Come back soon for more details.




Need a mentor to help you. No problem. Check out mentoring program to get some help. 


If you have more specific needs get in contact to see if we can help. 


This isn't a generic mentoring program.

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